Monday, February 25, 2013

Revolution Animated Webisodes - Episode 6

Revolution Animated Webisodes - Episode 6: "Wheatley's Letters: Sept 15th and Nov 19th"
Wheatley lays out his nefarious plan for Miles.
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Wheatley's Letters: September 15th

To whoever -

I fought back when our camp was raided. I knew the Militia force would lose. They were outnumbered 3 to 1. What was the point? You can't do that, you knew you'd fail, and if I'd turned my gun on the men at my side, I'd be dead, too.

You don't understand what this is doing to me. I helped them raid a supply wagon. Stole bread from the mouths of our people. I helped them torture a captured scout - he could have recognized me, and I helped them cut him open.

And that's not the worst thing I've done. I killed one of my Militia brothers the day I came into camp. There were two of us that survived the ambush in the foothills. Together, we'd never have survived. They were closing in all around us. So I left him and ran into the brush. When the Rebels found him, I stabbed him. In cold blood. Told them the Militia squad was looking for me, since I was AWOL and trying to defect. They trusted me because I had just as much Militia blood on my hands as they did. And I lied to you because - I'm not sure why. But you have to know that it's been tearing away at me, and now all of these other things...

What you have to know - if you're waiting for the Rebels to give up, you'll be waiting forever. Maggots don't give up. They just keep eating.

- One of the maggots.

Wheatley's Letters: November 19th

Miles Matheson is here. I knew his face the minute he walked into camp. You may want me to stay inside, keep feeding information, but this time the dice is in my hands, and I'm rolling it. I'm escorting him through the SEPTA tunnels and into Philadelphia. I'll make sure the rest of the Rebels don't make it.